This effort allows us to pilot financing options that will allow families currently living without access to grid-tied electricity to make monthly contributions toward solar power ownership and energy independence. This program is only available for 3 Hopi and Navajo families in this PILOT year.

The application cycle will open November 1, 2022 and is open until filled/closes January 2, 2023. Only 3 families will be offered a maximum 10-year loan term for up to $10,000 at a 5% interest rate to pay for an off-grid solar electric unit. The unit is 2.1 kilowatts or larger and is intended to power an energy efficient refrigerator, lights, and some small electronics. The solar unit will be installed by our team of Indigenous installers.


Please note that approved borrowers will be required to:

  • Open a Nusenda Credit Union bank account. This will involve a soft credit check that will not affect credit scores. Your payments will be made through Nusenda.
  • Attend Borrower Orientation, Financial Literacy classes/counseling, and quarterly check-ins with your NRI contact.
  • Complete an Energy Education and Energy Load worksheet with NRI team at in-person site visit
  • Make monthly payments to pay back the loan. This is to ensure that other families will be able to take advantage of this opportunity in the future.

If you have any questions about the application process or loan program, please contact NRI via email or phone at: or 928-224-1491.


  1. Download application or complete the online form.
  2. Submit application by email, mail, or online submission before January 2, 2023.
  3. Initial review, then selected applicants move to Step 3.
  4. Interview and site visit with Native Renewables Inc. Committee.
  5. Second review, then selected applicants are notified and loan information is shared.
  6. Selected applicants are notified and loan information is shared.
  7. After loan documents are signed, selected applicants become borrowers and set up a loan agreement and payments with Nusenda Credit Union.
  8. Schedules a date with customers to install the off-grid solar electric unit.

*Customers may be expected to prepare the site and should be home to understand the
process and any maintenance details.

Get Started

If you are interested in this program, download the Application form below or fill out the online form.


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