From our founding to the end of 2023, we served a total of 72 families with a stand alone solar unit on the Hopi and Navajo Nations.

Scroll over the map to see a contextual breakdown of our off-grid solar photovoltaic system installments and areas where there continues to be a great need to secure electricity for families and elders.

0% to 2024 goal of electrifying 57 homes with solar
*last updated 7/5/24
Families supported
Our programs provide solar lighting and electricity to families across several tribal communities. We provided triage supplies, battery replacements, and Covid-19 donations to over 1500 families.
Homes Electrified
Homes electrified without electricity across all agencies of the Navajo and Hopi nations. To address the lack of access to electricity in Hopi and Navajo communities, we committed to installing off-grid solar units for families. Our goal is to install at least 100 systems per year
0 kW
Kilowatts of Solar PV Installed
Our team of Indigenous installers are adding kilowatts of installed solar photovoltaic capacity so families can power lights, electronics, and refrigeration.
Event Training Hours
Our workforce, education, and outreach programs have reached hundreds of participants, training and educating tribal members of all ages about the potential for solar energy. Native Renewables have co-hosted several workshops in Arizona, New Mexico, and Alaska.