What is PV?

PV stands for photovoltaics. PV devices generate electricity from sunlight.

Why off-grid solar PV?

Solar power provides a sustainable clean energy alternative to families that are unable to affordably connect to the electrical grid.

What are the benefits of going solar?

For families in rural locations, having solar power provides alternatives to using gasoline or diesel generators, and lighting sources such as propane, candles, and batteries for flashlights. By using a PV system, families can potentially save money on fuel for lighting and electricity, as well as saving time having to drive to get fuel.

How long does a system normally last?

With proper usage and maintenance, PV modules can last up to 20 years, and batteries can last up to 10 years.

Why size PV systems do you install?

Through customer engagement, we have learned that systems in the 2 kW capacity range meet most family’s basic electricity needs.

How do I get started?

Check out our off-grid page here.

I have a system that isn’t working, can you help?

Check out our solar maintenance page here.

I have a home that is connected to the grid. Can I get a system?

Currently our focus is on customers that do not have access to electricity. We can do our best to connect you with an organization that can help.