Workforce Training



Currently, we are developing the Navajo Clean Energy Program (NCEP) to offer affordable energy access to Native American homes currently without grid-tied electricity. One component of this program is solar workforce training to provide the skills needed to install and maintain off-grid photovoltaics systems. The workforce program will train groups, called cohorts, consisting of up to 10 people. The program will train up to 5 cohorts, each at a different location around the Navajo reservation.

  • Cohort 1 training is tentatively planned for October/November 2019 in the Black Mesa region of Arizona.

  • Participants are required to complete all courses. The program requires approximately 23 days of investment over 8-10 weeks. Each week may be different, with trainings being between 2-5 days. Cohort 1 will not have trainings on Saturdays or Sundays. Training sessions may not be on consecutive weeks.

  • Participant is responsible for getting to and from all education and work sites. We will do our best to minimize travel for participants.

  • Participants are expected to follow a code of conduct and treat other participants with respect.

  • Previous technical experience is not required.

  • Speaking Navajo or Hopi is not required but is beneficial.

  • A survey at the end of the course is required.

  • Participants will receive OSHA 10 certification, and some career services.  Personal vehicle mileage will be reimbursed (limits on distance may apply). Participants will receive an education award at completion. Participants must attend all sessions to receive award.

the Process

  1. Fill out a 2-page application by Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Applicants may complete via phone or by filling out the form. Send preference to Native Renewables at: or by texting a message to 510-423-3264.

  2. Application reviews. Reviewers will recommend a short list of applicants to attend the trainings

  3. Secondary interview by phone, if needed, will help select participants.

  4. Invitation to Participate sent on October 7, 2019. Participants will be invited to be a cohort member and attend the 8-10-week training.

  5. Training tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, October 14, 2019. A combination of classroom and hands-on training will commence. Classroom training will likely be all at 1 location. Site visit locations will vary.

The Training Overview


  • Be able to design an off-grid PV system

  • Be able to install a PV system

  • Be able to operate and maintain an off-grid PV system

  • Be able to transfer knowledge by educating the community

  • Prepare for NABCEP intro exam. Note: installer exam may follow with additional requirements

     Educational Modules

  • Orientation (1 day): Program goals, objectives, expectations. Logistics

  • Safety (2 days): OSHA10

  • Business (1-2 days): Resume writing, Customer Service, Marketing

  • PV 100 (3-5 days): Electrical terminology, meters, AC and DC, parallel and series, wires and cables, tools, balance of system, electrical load, site analysis

  • PV 101 (2-4 days): Tools, PV equipment, practice install

  • PV 102 (3-5 days): Customer engagement, site visit

  • PV 201 (3-6 days): Installs