Here's just a small sampling of the installs and educational events we’ve had so far.

To date, Native Renewables has helped install several off-grid solar PV systems ranging from 750 W to 7 kW capacity.


Where it all started, our first project partnering with Forest Lake Chapter, Black Mesa Water Coalition, the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Give Power, Solar City, and Empowered By Light.


This was our first off-grid project. We partnered with Hopi/Navajo solar installer Brett Isaac, Empowered By Light, Solutions Project, family and friends to deliver two solar trailers to Standing Rock in 2016.

Photo Credit: Native Movement

Photo Credit: Native Movement

fairbanks, ak

We traveled to Alaska to co-host a Mobile Solar Workshop in 2017 with Native Movement, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center.


Navajo Nation Museum

We hosted a classroom and lab activities on Residential Solar Energy Basics in Window Rock, AZ with Tewa Energy Services.

IMG_9751 (1).jpg

off-grid install

This is one of the 2.1 kW systems we installed for a family on the Navajo reservation.