Process Flow: How to Get a Solar PV System Loan

Note: This is a template. The process has not been finalized.


Fill out a customer survey

This form will ask for contact information, details about the home and electricity usage to verify the PV system size will meet the family’s needs.

Access the survey HERE.


Site Visit

An installer will contact the customer to schedule a site visit. This site visit will allow the customers to ask follow-up questions, and provide the installer with additional details needed for the install.


Payments and Loan Agreement

This step is still in the works.

Our lending partners will provide details about the overall cost of the system, the monthly payments, and additional details of the loan.



The installers will schedule a date when the homeowners are home to do the PV system install. The homeowners may be expected to prepare the site, and should be home to understand the process and any maintenance details.