Our Mission

To empower Native American families to achieve energy independence by growing renewable energy capacity and affordable access to off-grid power.

Our Vision is to:

  • Electrify 15,000 homes on the Navajo reservation plus customers in the U.S. without access to grid-tied electricity using off-grid solar PV

  • Create sustainable knowledge within all age groups around solar and renewable energy.

What We've Achieved:

  • Hosted and co-hosted several educational & hands on trainings on the Hopi and Navajo reservations

  • Participated in outreach events including Navajo Nation Youth Day

  • Delivered and installed several solar PV systems to Native communities

  • Led efforts to install PV on community buildings

our organization


Wahleah Johns

Co-Founder and Executive Director Wahleah Johns is a member of the Navajo (Dine) tribe and comes from the community of Forest Lake, Arizona atop Black Mesa. Wahleah's work with the Black Mesa Water Coalition and Navajo Green Economy Coalition has led to groundbreaking legislative victories for groundwater protection, green jobs, and environmental justice.


Suzanne Singer

Co-Founder Suzanne Singer, PhD, is a member of the Navajo (Dine) tribe and grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her mechanical engineering and energy analysis background provides the technical foundation to develop tribal energy independence.